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Amanda is the resident "Animal Whisperer" from the Women's Day Magazine

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Welcome to the home of Amanda De Warren – one of Australia’s best known and most respected mediums. Amanda can connect you with your loved ones who have passed over and also has the special gift of being able to communicate with animals – alive, passed over or missing. You too can make the connection through Amanda, reaping the positive benefits that she’s given to thousands of people worldwide.

Amanda De Warren is a genuine medium who’s been put to the test by media and sceptics alike. She’s appeared on TV shows The Project, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Today Tonight and A Current Affair, and on radio stations such 2day fm with Jackie O and Kyle, B105 and Nova radio in Brisbane.

She stunned journalist, Chris Taylor – a sceptic – by giving him a scarily accurate reading. Chris said, “At times I had goose bumps, and while I still think there are many frauds and charletons out there, she’s not one of them.” (Source: Sunday Mail, January 25, 2004).

Amanda’s medium connections bring peace, comfort and closure to people who are anxious to be put in touch with their passed-over loved ones or pets. She has an impressive track record of relaying in-depth and accurate information that she couldn’t possibly have known through ordinary means. Amanda can see, hear, taste, feel and sense the spirits coming through, for example she once said to a woman, “Your grandfather is coming through and I keep tasting licorice.” The woman replied that her grandfather had made licorice for a living!

Amanda has also had brushes with fame, one time bringing through the late popstar, former INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, for his lawyer, and she’s helped solve mysteries such as when four young teenagers came through who died in the one accident. Amanda pieced the events together leading up to the accident and what caused it.

Amanda’s pet connections have been just as amazing and sometimes quite amusing. One woman discovered via her cat’s connection with Amanda that her husband had a secret account with a certain bank. The woman searched and found a shoebox with hidden money and account details with that bank. Be careful – your pet is watching you!

Book your channelling with Amanda De Warren today, with both phone and face-to-face appointments available. Language and distance are no barriers as Amanda has channelled for over 5,000 clients worldwide and interprets the telepathic images she receives.

Many tell Amanda that they feel their loved ones around them a lot more since the connection. It’s like a precious doorway has been opened.

Get in touch with your passed-over loved ones.

Get a better understanding of your pet’s behaviour and thoughts. Pet connections are a direct link to your pet and through Amanda they reveal all they want us to know. These connections also help our pets communicate with us, making their life happier too.

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