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This page was created for those who have so many questions.

Amanda De Warren has helped thousand of frustrated pet owners all over the world to understand their pets. Amanda has connected with pets of all kind which has been anything from badly behaved horses to a pig which keeps knocking down doors to get into the house. Nothing surprises Amanda these days as she goes on her daily quest to provide households with some kind of hope and restore peace to these sometimes chaotic homes.

Pets understand a lot more than some of us realise and these days are more than just a cute and cuddly which was bought for the kids which runs around in the back yard to be played with occasionally. Pets these days have evolved to be a member of our family giving us unconditional love and affection no matter what happens in our lives. We need to earn trust and respect from our pet to achieve a wonderful relationship. If you don’t have this combination things can go wrong in a very short amount of time. People who have experienced this kind of disaster will tell you that being in control is liberating and that once you have gained control again it makes such a difference to our lives.

Amanda De Warren can assess a situation in a matter of seconds but the solution is not always as easy. Take for instance the dog which over a period of time became more and more vicious when his owner returned after a few daily outings. This behaviour became unbearable for the owner as the little dog went from a loving pet to an absolute monster. The man was in tears when he called Amanda. Amanda asked the man a question. What would you do if one of your teenage children screamed at you for being out for the day and would you call that respecting you? The man thought for a moment and answered I would not allow my child to speak to me like that. Then why are you allowing this kind of behaviour to happen. Amanda De Warren made a connection to the pet and immediately recognised the tell tale signs of a very common problem. Amanda gave the man some instructions to follow and the man reported back to Amanda 3 weeks later that peace had now been restored to his household and that his whole life was back on track.

Each case is different and some may take longer than others to fix but there is always a solution and with Amanda’s unique gift of animal communication the pets themselves usually have a say and let Amanda know what is bothering them which is anything from illness to emotional problems.

Amanda De Warren has spent many hours gathering information and putting together the following so please find the subject that best suits your need.

Passing Over
Senior Dogs
Emotional Problems
Abused Pets
Choosing A Pet
Toys & Accessories
Putting Pets Down

Passing Over

A Time To Say Goodbye

By Amanda De Warren (Medium, Psychic and Animal Communicator)

Pets Passing OverThis story was inspired by the passing of my dog, Shakira, who was much loved. As a person who makes a living connecting clients to their passed over loved ones – both people and pets – I now have experienced firsthand the loss of a beloved pet. So, for Shakira, and for all your beloved pets who’ve requested me to write this, I hope this will help you all understand more what happens when a pet passes over and help you past your time of grief.

Most of us at some time in our lives have had to say goodbye to a much loved pet. For some it can be even more traumatic than losing a human loved one. We can become very grief-stricken for many years, blaming ourselves and feeling like we may never get over the loss.

Firstly, I need you to know that in all my years as a professional animal communicator (with both passed over and living animals), I have never once had a beloved pet come through who was angry and upset at their owner, no matter what the circumstances of their passing were. They never want us to feel as if we’ve let them down even at the end. It may have been an undetected illness that was only diagnosed at the end or you were unfortunate enough to have accidentally caused your pet’s passing by your own hands. Even if you were responsible for any of these reasons, they never see it that way. They truly understand that if the decision had to be made that their last trip in the car was to see the vet, you were only trying to end their suffering and not their life.

They actually feel sorry for us as we are the ones who carry that guilt to the grave. They feel there’s no need to forgive because, as in their words, there is nothing to forgive, and they don’t want us to spend our lives being grief-stricken as this tends to upset them.

Of course there is the natural progression of mourning and we will always feel that sense of loss. They know we’ll always hold that special place in our hearts for them but they’d much rather we reflect on the wonderful times we shared with them while they were still living.
We hold a special connection to some pets like no other pet we’ve ever had. Other pets who have passed understand this and are never upset by it. The bond we have with any pet is never broken but it is particularly hard to say goodbye to that very special pet. They too know of the special shared bond they’ve had with you.

So, what really happens when our pets pass over? Our passed over loved ones, whether it be father, mother, grandparent or even friends, are always made aware of the passing. They may never have met these souls in this life but that does not matter. They are there to take the pets back over to the afterlife to care for them until it is our turn to be reunited with our beloved pets.

Some pets report some loved ones there a few days before passing and they are very familiar with that person. Some know the person who’s picked them up very well as that passed-over loved one has been a regular visitor to their home. It’s not uncommon to have most or all of your passed over pets there, even from childhood. The family member takes them back to their home on the other side and helps them through their own loss and grief.

Yes, they do feel a certain amount of sadness when they pass. But if it has been a particularly painful passing, such as an illness, they leave the physical pain with the physical body. They quickly recover to visit us, even though often we may not be able to see them, and they go on sharing their lives with us on a daily basis. Many times when I’m communicating with a pet they will come through to tell their beloved owner something that has happened since their passing that only their owners would know. This gives the owners the validation that their beloved pets are still very much with them.

The pets also love to talk about what is happening in the family since they’ve been gone. They always maintain their personality, from cheeky to shy and cautious. They talk about where they are buried or where their ashes are and thank their owners for this. Many people tell me that they catch a glimpse of their pet out the corner of their eye or feel the pet jump on the bed with them as they always did when they were alive.

The pets also like to tell us which animals they are with, even if they didn’t know them in this life, or if they did that they’ve been reunited with a pet they lived with for a long time or to whom they were very close. They’ve even been known to visit other living loved ones if they were close to a parent or friend whom they loved. Even pets we’ve known in the past that did not actually belong to us come through in some readings.

Other living pets also feel grief and a sense of loss when their fellow pet dies, so always be mindful of that, especially if they were particularly close to the pet that passed over.

A lot of people ask me if their pet will be reincarnated and come back to them in this lifetime. I have only known of a few animals that have been reincarnated. So, it is rare but it does happen and they will certainly let you know if this is going to happen.

Passing Over – Some Information

The passing of a family pet is always a very traumatic experience for anyone. A pet which has passed by being euthanized is harder to come to terms with as pet owners feel they have taken the life of their beloved pet. Every pet which Amanda De Warren has communicated with which has passed this way has never ever been angry or upset at their owner. These pets are always understanding and often grateful as they all understand that the owner made this decision out of love for them. Amanda has never come across a pet which has been angry or resentful to the owner for having them put down. One particular case was a family pet which had been accidently run over by its owner and had to be put down as she had numerous injuries. When communication was made the owner expected this much loved family pet of 8 years to be angry but in actual fact the pet was very understanding and understood that this was an accident which was her fault not the owners. She reassured the owners she had not suffered and went on to talk in great lengths about the wonderful life they had given her and the love she had received throughout her 8 years. This gave the owners so much comfort and peace knowing that their beautiful little dog was not angry at them. These pets never want their owners to feel they have done them an injustice and feel guilty about taking their life from them. One dog with a great sense of humour told his owner “if you were suffering the way I was I’d put you down too”. The owner thought this was quite funny and they had a good laugh together.

No matter how your pet has passed they are always met by other pets passed over and by loved ones which have passed. This is always confirmed during a connection. They never want us to feel guilt as one Rottweiler told his owner. The Rottweiler had been ill for a while and it had gone undetected. When the symptoms began to appear the man took his beloved pet to the vet. It was quickly diagnosed as cancer and the dog passed within a few days. The owner was so racked with guilt as he felt it was all his fault. When the connection was made with his much loved Rotty the first thing he said to his owner was “If you had known you would have done something about it immediately” the Rotty went on to tell his owner that he of course he did not know of the illness therefore it was not his fault and stop blaming yourself for this. They then went on to talk about their life together travelling around Australia and at the end the man felt a great weight lifted off his shoulders and was able get on with his life as his pet suggested.
It is always comforting to know that our pets passed over are still around us as one cat mentioned to her owner. The cat had been hit by a car while the owner was on holiday and a friend of the lady was house sitting. The cat always curled around the owners head at night as they slept. The night after the connection the woman rang Amanda De Warren back excitedly telling her she did indeed feel her cat in its usual place curled around her head. This was very comforting to the woman as she had also felt an enormous amount of guilt.


Allergies and rashes are quite common these days. Amanda De Warren has found that these allergic reactions can be caused by anything from the grass that is in your back yard to the food we give them. When a client has called Amanda regarding a health issue Amanda immediately applies what is known as body talk which is a connection to the body. The body then in turn tells Amanda what the problems are and as strange as it sounds this has helped to identify many a mystery illness.

In one particular case a lady called Amanda regarding a particular problem. As usual Amanda required no prior information be given. Over the phone Amanda immediately connected to the pets’ body using body talk and the problem was simple to fix. The pet showed Amanda De Warren the rash under her tummy area and Amanda saw that its primary site was internal in the gut. The body also showed Amanda that it was having an allergic reaction to the food she was being fed and this was causing the rash. Amanda then suggested an immediate change of diet also adding in the special foods required to help repair the gut area and within 2 weeks the rash was gone and all was well again.

Sometimes it is not as simple as changing a diet. An illness in a pet can be very traumatic and costly. One lady called Amanda regarding a behaviour problem but the connection suddenly turned into a life or death situation. Amanda said to the lady your dog has a slight limp on its left leg. The owner said yes she does and it’s only just started. Amanda De Warren then saw a tumour had grown on the bone and told the woman to take the pet to the vets immediately. The dogs’ cancer ridden leg was immediately removed and the dog saved. This is not to say that you need to be paranoid about your pets’ health because if you look after them in the correct manner there is no reason why they shouldn’t live a long and healthy life. Most owners go to any lengths to save their pets or to just make them comfortable.

If you have concerns or notice any changes in your pet even if it is small please do not hesitate to take them to the vet and regular checkups are very important.

Senior Dogs

As a dog enters its senior years they, like us, begin to suffer from all kinds of problems such as blindness to arthritis. It is important to us to make this part of their lives as comfortable as possible. Keeping an eye on their fluid intake and making their foods a bit softer is always a help as Amanda De Warren has found with a lot of senior dogs their gums become sore and painful at times. There are many products on the market these days to help with arthritis. These include naturopathic, homeopathic and western medicine. The choice is always up to you and as their owners they know you will always choose the best for them.

Even as they get old they still understand what is going on around them but unfortunately some suffer from dementia. When it comes to that time please consider them as they will not be angry if you make the decision to have them put down. It is selfish of us to try and keep them alive for our own personal reasons. Listen to your pet and understand what they are saying. If they are telling you that they are ready to go please do the right thing.


Massage for humans is a very relaxing experience. The same goes for our pets as they benefit from a good massage. When massaging a pet it is important not to use oils and perfumed based products as this can irritate their very sensitive noses. It is also important to have a calm energy while applying the massage. Start around the neck area using slow gentle long strokes and work your way around the body moving down to the hip area. Massage is particularly good for excited or anxious dogs as this calms them down. It is also very beneficial for dogs suffering from arthritis or post op surgery. Massage can also be a wonderful way for us to connect to our pets as it also gives us the opportunity to communicate with their bodies and at times understand if their is something that is not quite right.

Emotional Problems

There can be many reasons for emotional problems. When a pet has suffered loss through death of another pet or a much loved human or rehousing they, like us, can suffer from separation anxiety and grief. This can cause our normally happy, obedient pets to behave in a not so perfect way. Pets react in different ways to change and as they are unable to let us know what is happening emotionally they tend to get our attention in other ways such as acting in a way which is completely out of character for them. Other reasons can be if they have suffered emotionally from a previous environment.

If a dog has been mistreated in a previous home and are fearful this can be misunderstood as aggression when in actual fact it is the fear which is causing the problem. In some connections Amanda De Warren has been asked by the new owner to find out some previous history of their new pet. Most pets are very obliging to share this and in most cases this has led to a better understanding as to why the pet cat, dog or horse behaves irrationally at times and other times it is a perfect pet. Pets remember their past and some hold on to that fear and resentment taking it with them into the next home.

One such case which Amanda De Warren still remembers is a horse which for no apparent reason and out of the blue would start rearing and bucking and then biting. This made the new owner who is a young female very fearful of this horse as it displayed none of these characteristics when she purchased him. At her wits end she contacted Amanda after hearing about her through another lady who had a similar problem. The horse was at first unwilling to talk but after a few minutes of Amanda’s prompting the horse opened up. It turned out that the horse had been neglected and left in a paddock for quite some time. This horse was angry and frustrated as it knew it had the potential to be a very good event horse but was never given the opportunity to display this. Amanda communicated with this horse and explained to him that if he behaved himself his confidence would quickly return and his owner was more than willing to work with him. This horse has now gone on to win many blue ribbons and there have been no more behaviour problems.

If your pet is behaving in a different manner we need to find out what is causing this. We then need to ask ourselves has there been any changes in our lives or could it be an illness of some kind. One particular pet which was once well behaved started digging up the garden and acting like she was looking for something. The pet told Amanda that her owner (a young man) had recently left and she wasn’t coping with this very well. She also told Amanda De Warren she was looking for a blue ball which they had always played with and she knew it was in the garden somewhere. She thought if she found the blue ball that he would return. The owner’s mother explained that her son had joined the army and they did indeed always play with a blue ball. The pet now understands that it was not her fault the young man had left and has now settled back into life at the family with a new blue ball.

Abused Pets

These pets are often victims of physical and emotional abuse which is no fault of their own. They often suffer emotionally even after they have been rescued and rehoused. In these cases Amanda De Warren suggests that you do not reflect on their past and feeling sorry them often holds them back from recovery. We as humans are usually nurturing creatures and want to make them feel better. Try to forget their past especially when introducing them to a new home as we need to remember that this type of affection is new to them and while we understand it as being loving and caring they are still very unsure. Let them walk around your home on their own discovering the new smells and if there are other animals in the home once your new pet feels comfortable let each pet be introduced one at a time using the calmest one first. An overexcited pet can cause the new pet to be frightened at the sight of a bouncing ball of energy coming straight at them. These previous issues can usually be overcome in time with a lot of love and patience.

Some are extreme cases and the pet continues to be terrified by everything. In these specialised cases there are many different techniques which can be applied to lessen the impact. One is massage, which is hands on and another is spending time with the pet in different environments such as parks or playing ball in the back yard. This technique distracts them from the fearful thoughts that plague them and in time they remember less and less about their past and more and more about the future. Introducing them to new foods is also often a trial for us as they have probably had the same type of food for quite some time. We also need to remember that by having the same food for some time their digestive system has not had a chance to become obliging to new foods so give them the foods you would normally feed and keep an eye on how they react to it.

You will need to be patient in this area as some dogs refuse to eat at first. This is due to the new smells and dogs often will not eat if they are feeling unsure, insecure or fearful. Give it time and encourage them to eat by leaving the food near them and if they are left alone they will usually begin to eat on their own. Avoid hand feeding them as this encourages a bad habit and they then begin to expect to be feed this way each time as many people have realised by making this mistake in the beginning. 90% of abused pets recover by the first year and the rest recover in good time. Be patient as they are all worth it.

Choosing A Pet

Choosing a pet can sometimes be very confusing. A good idea is to research the breed you are interested in and looking at your own lifestyle. The size of your yard is also very important as common sense enters into this decision. Ask yourself if you have the time to take them for walks or spend quality time with them or do you have small children? Are there other pets involved? If for instance you are looking for a family pet a good choice would be one of the calmer breeds like a golden retriever or a Labrador. If you are a single or elderly person living in a small home one of the smaller breeds like a Jack Russel or Maltese is a good choice. As this is sometimes a family decision includes everyone involved and finding out what their preferences are.

If you are considering adopting from one of the shelters it is very important that when choosing one of these wonderful pets is often a matter of going by your instinct. If you have chosen a pet what is your first feeling about that pet. Does this pet have high energy and if so does that suit your lifestyle. Some of these pets have had a rough beginning and can be accompanied by some past issues. Try to find out a little about their backgrounds if you can and even if the pet has had a bad beginning they can often turn out to be the most wonderful pets.

Another option is to take your pet with you when choosing as they are the one most likely to choose the right type of dog. If choosing a cat the procedure is almost the same. Almost all cats are territorial and once you have introduced the new cat to your home keep a close eye on the body language of both felines. This will give you an indication on how they are going to get on. If there are fights in the beginning which is pretty much normal standard procedure most of the time they will call a truce after a very short time.

Don’t get worried if your new family member seems to be taking a while to settle in as some make the transition quicker and easier than others.


Puppies learn from a very young age and teaching your puppy is very important. Once you have chosen your puppy discipline from day one must be applied. Of course a puppy is going to get up to mischief as this is all about their learning about their are boundaries. If discipline is not applied from an early age then a lot of people find out the hard way that this can become quite a problem as your puppy grows into an adult.

Discipline should never ever be applied through yelling or a physical hand as this only creates an unbalanced and fearful dog and is very cruel. A firm and calm hand is all that is required. When a dog is balanced from a puppy you will find yourself with a true friend who loves, appreciates and respects you. Teaching puppies can be very rewarding and as we teach Rover to sit and roll over we gain an understanding about each other which then forms a lifetime bond.

It is rather like having another child in the household. If that child is naughty we discipline them but if they are good we reward them. Teaching children with puppies is another art form all together. This requires a lot of patience as not only do you need to teach the puppy but you need to teach the children how to teach and treat the puppy. It is not as hard as you think as this also forms a lifetime bond between the child and the puppy. Let the children become involved in such things as feeding and walking their pet as this teaches the children how to be responsible pet owners.

These days pets are a family member and if their upbringing has been well orchestrated you can take them anywhere with you including a family holiday at the beach.


A lot of people are left in the dark when it comes to feeding their pet. Cats in particular can be very fussy eaters leading to frustration of their owners. People often ask Amanda De Warren what the best food for my pet is and that is a question which has a wide variety of answers as different pets have different needs. For instance a working dog will need a lot more sustainable food than a pet which does not do as much exercise. A pet’s food differs as they go from a puppy to adult and then on to senior so their food needs be adjusted to suit their needs at that particular time. There are a lot of good foods which are on the market.

Amanda De Warren always prefers the natural foods as the processed and canned foods do contain preservatives and additives. A variety of foods is always suggested as this will give your pet all the vitamins and minerals they need for health and vitality. A bone from the butcher is also a good purchase as this helps their teeth and gums.

As the requirements of each pet is different and if the food you are giving your pet seems to be sufficient then keep them on that diet. Dogs and cats like humans prefer a variety in their diet so giving them something different and rotating can stop them from becoming bored with their meals.

One particular case Amanda came across was a little dog which refused to eat the fresh chicken breast the owner had lovingly bought for her but would eat all other foods. This was very confusing for the owner and she was at a loss for answers. The little dog told Amanda De Warren that the food smelt and tasted like chemicals. The dog could taste the growth hormones and this put her off. The owner then ventured out and bought some organic chicken and little dog wasted no time in devouring every piece of this tasty treat.

We all enjoy giving our pets treats as Amanda De Warren is sure everyone is guilty of this but too many will cause intestinal trouble and could trigger the start of a disease. Be aware of what you feed your pet and make sure that what you are giving them is to their benefit as pets have survived for thousands of years without chocolate and their digestive system is just not adapted enough to cope with too many fatty and sugary foods.


Exercise for dogs is a lot more than just taking them out for a walk. This is also stimulating for their minds as pets need a change of scenery too. Exercise is very important for the well being of our pets as it enhances good health and keeps them fit and healthy. A walk in the park also encourages dogs to be social which also stimulates them emotionally.

Socialising is very important for pets as they learn how to interact with each other bringing them back to their primal instincts. An off leash park is often a hive of activity for not only the dogs but their owners too. These parks are often a haven for pet owners trading good advice and knowledge to help others in the same situation as themselves. Socialising also helps a dog with behaviour problems as they are so engrossed in their doggy encounters that they tend to forget their fears and anxieties. Most cities and towns now have dog parks and if you do not have one near you then lobby your local council as many have done and have been successful in their efforts.

Toys & Accessories

A lot of toys and accessories can be expensive these days. A pet has no concept of how much you have paid for something. They just look at it as how much fun can I have with this. Anything can be made into a toy with a bit of imagination for instance a tennis ball in an old stocking can be loads of fun with tug of war.

A pet does not need a box full of toys to be happy and that does not mean don’t buy them any at all as toys are also stimulating for their mind as well as physical exercise. If they are receiving the right amount of exercise and attention toys are just a bonus for them. Most pets enjoy a few toys and many have their favourites.

Accessories such bedding and jumpers are also becoming quite expensive as Amanda De Warren found out when she went to purchase a dog jumper for Kellie. This jumper was going to end up costing approximately $280.00 which included Kellies name on the side. Amanda thought this was rather outrageous as it was just a plain colour which was lined. Amanda would have paid the money except for the fact that they were made in china and not Australian made. Amanda is in no way criticising Australian foreign trade as she merely wanted it to be Australian made to support the Australian economy. She finally found a lady who made the garment for half the price and people have loved it so much that Amanda is considering marketing this product. Kellie made her own choice in colours and others have followed asking their own pets what they like. Amanda De Warren has now discovered a unique accessory which through a quick reading the pets get to choose the colours and styles they like the most with the most amazing results. Amanda’s friend’s pets now have blankets and jumpers made to order which leads to a happier pet. As one dog put it would you wear this really ugly brown jumper so get me a new one in the colour I like.

Putting Pets Down

I have been connecting to animals for the past 12 years and many of them have had to be put down by their owners. I have to tell you that in all my years as an animal commuicator have I never had one passed over pet come through that was angry at their owner for having to make that decision. They know we are not trying to end their life but only trying to end their suffering and know we had to do this because we love them. They never judge us on our decisions nor are they ever angry or resentful towards us but just keep on loving us until you meet up with them once again. Alot of people ask me where do they go after they have passed. They go to the same place as we do and in nearly every case of a passing there is a passed over loved one family member to greet them and look after them until we go back there to be with them once again. Their spirit is still always a part of our everyday lives. You need to know that they never see this decision as an injustice and neither should you. They don’t want us to be angry at ourselves for having to make that decision and most of them are grateful to their owners for ending their suffering. I too have had to make the difficult decision in the past to let my much loved pet pass so I know it is far from an easy decision and as much as I wanted to be selfish and keep them here I knew it was wrong of me. Let yourself grieve by all means but just remember they don’t blame you and don’t want to you to live your life being angry and blaming yourself.

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