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Amanda & Terri IrwinAmanda De Warren has always had a connection to animals since she was a very young girl. Even from a young age Amanda seemed to understand the language of the animal world. At 6yrs old Amanda told her mother that her horse Bella was sick and described in detail the problems Bella was having. Jackie called the vet and indeed Bella was suffering from the exact illness Amanda had described. These connections continued with many other animals Amanda De Warren came in contact with. Amanda’s mother Jackie was a riding school instructor and taught Mia Farrow how to ride. Amanda started riding her own horse at the age of 5 and at 9 years of age won the South East Queensland dressage championships on her horse called Snip. Amanda outgrew Snip and then went on to her new horse called Rory. Rory was in Amanda’s life for over 20 years until he passed away at the ripe old age of 29. Rory told Amanda the night before he passed that he loved her and went back over the years reminiscing about things even Amanda had forgotten about.

MindyAs Amanda De Warren’s attention turned to being a mother to her two children Amanda decided that a little dog was enough for her at the time. This little dog came in the form of Mindy. Mindy was a little black fluffy sort of terrier bought at a flea market for $5.00. Amanda loved Mindy but tragedy struck when Mindy was about 4yrs old. Amanda came home and found Mindy had been attacked by the pit bull next door which had escaped. Amanda was shattered at the death of her little dog which she loved so much.

Amanda & HarriotIn 1989 Amanda De Warren was driving along a country road and came across an injured bearded dragon. Amanda stopped and picked it up and took it home. It was not badly injured just a few minor injuries. Amanda then proceeded to find out as much information as she could regarding bearded dragons. Amanda De Warren contacted the then Queensland Reptile Park which is now Australia Zoo and they were very helpful. Amanda then became the bearded dragon lady and ended up with up to 12 bearded dragons at one stage. Terri Irwin had just married Steve Irwin and had offered Amanda a part time job which she quickly accepted. Amanda stayed with Steve and Terri for nearly two years. In that time with the Irwin’s Amanda praises all who worked their and their passion for animals of all kinds as Amanda learnt a great deal. Amanda’s gift was getting stronger and she often connected to many of the animals in the park including the wedge tail eagles and the Galapagos Island tortoise who was in Amanda’s care.

In 1995 Amanda De Warren was offered a job at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast as a koala handler which she quickly accepted. This was a new opportunity for Amanda and she spent 4 years there. Amanda was then offered a position as a manager of a small but up and coming wildlife sanctuary on Mount Tamborine. Amanda and her team of ladies worked hard to build new enclosures and bring in more display animals. All the enclosures Amanda created were in harmony with the animals and they would tell Amanda what they wanted within their homes which Amanda happily responded to. Amanda had a particular love of the dingos although all the animals were special to her.

By this time Eric (Amanda’s partner of 5 years) had become very sick so sadly Amanda left the sanctuary to look after Eric. Sadly Eric passed only 12 weeks after diagnosis. Amanda then began her medium work. About a year after Eric’s passing Amanda was conducting a medium channelling for a lady at her home. Amanda kept looking at the dog as she knew it was trying to tell her something. She stopped the medium channeling and began connecting to the German shepherd. The dog told Amanda De Warren that it had been rescued from a small cage in the Gold Coast hinterland as it had been abandoned by its owner. It misses the little tan and white friend which had been staying there for a few weeks and that it did not like the chicken stuff they were feeding it and it was sorry for chewing up the lovely white rug they had bought him. He also requested more toys and walks. The lady was in shock as indeed the dog was rescued by them in the Gold Coast hinterland as his owner had gone overseas and not returned and he did have a little tan and white friend. All the dog had told Amanda De Warren was correct. This revelation was the start of Amanda’s career as an Animal Communicator.

Burmese Python BoleroDuring some medium readings pets which had passed and pets which are still living would make an appearance during the connection bringing through all kinds of information which the owners were very pleased to hear. It was not long before Amanda was doing separate animal communications to medium readings. Amanda De Warren did a reading for a lady whose dog had told her he is in severe pain in his front right leg and that he needs urgent medical attention. The lady said he seemed a little bit sore in that region but did not think it warranted a vet visit. Further investigations revealed the dog had cancer in his leg and an immediate amputation was needed to save his life.

Amanda De Warren is also a spokesperson for the WSPA protecting animals from harmful humans all over the world. Amanda loves her work as an animal communicator as plans to help people all over the world with her wonderful and unique gift. An English journalist recently quoted Amanda De Warren as being the only person in the world that he knows of that can communicate with animals living, animals that have passed over and humans that have passed over.

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