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Amanda De Warren began her career as a medium in 2001 but before that she always knew she had some kind of a gift. As a young child she could sense people who had passed over. Two such events were when Amanda was about 6 years old and in England with her mother. Amanda’s mother Jackie was late picking her up from school so she started walking home on her own. When she came to a bridge she came across Mr Goss who Amanda thought had been passed over for many years. She asked Mr Goss why he looked so sad. He told her his cat had just been hit by a car and he was there to collect its soul. Amanda De Warren then saw her mother coming towards her and said goodbye to Mr Goss. Amanda’s mother asked her who she was talking too and Amanda said Mr Goss from next door and he said his cat had just been hit and killed by a car and then asked why she was late. Her mother turned white and replied because I was just burying Mr Goss’s cat who had just been hit by a car and Mr Goss had been passed over for 3 years.

Amanda as a childThe second of the powerful memories was a few weeks later. Amanda De Warren was being cared for after school by an elderly lady called Mrs Franklin while Amanda’s mother worked as a nurse nearby. Amanda was playing in the front room when she suddenly became aware of a man sitting in the big old brown chair. This did not frighten Amanda. He said his name was Ted Franklin. He said he had passed away in the chair from a heart attack early one morning. He was smoking a pipe and Amanda could smell the tobacco. He told Amanda he had been a soldier in Germany and that he loved the beautiful red rose bush his wife had planted after he passed. Mrs Franklin came in and asked who Amanda was talking to and she told her. Mrs Franklin sat down very quickly. She said everyone had called her husband Frank but not many people knew his real name was Ted and he did serve in Germany.

This was the beginning for Amanda De Warren but as time went on and she lived her normal life as a child who loved riding her horses to the teenage years then through motherhood of two children she put all her experiences to the back of her mind. The gift may have been put to the back of the mind but it was always still there and Amanda knew this. Amanda De Warren knew that this was her path and let the gift lay dormant until the time was right. Amanda always had this sense that she was going to be well known throughout the world.

Amanda KoalaAs Amanda’s children grew up and went on to do their own thing Amanda’s gift started to emerge and she knew it was just about time to let out the power within her. Amanda De Warren had loved working with animals and had spent a lot of her time learning and working with them… Amanda worked with Steve and Terri Irwin for 2 years before they became famous and then got offered a job at the Gold Coast’s Dreamworld working with the koalas. She then went on to manage a wildlife sanctuary for 5 years on Mount Tamborine on the Gold Coast hinterland, but all this time she knew this was not her real calling even though she loved her work.

Amanda De Warren’s marriage was deteriorating and unfortunately they went their separate ways and then she met a lovely man called Eric. The moment they met they knew there was something very special. Amanda and Eric were together just on 4 years when Eric became very sick with Cancer. He passed away in Amanda’s arms 12 weeks after diagnosis. Amanda and Eric always had a special connection, she knew what he wanted for dinner before he even got home and she would always feel a big ball of love from him throughout the day. The moment Eric passed Amanda felt him send her the same ball of love he always did and told her he was ok and she will be ok too. Amanda knew her gift was about to explode and it did. She felt spirits around her day and night and lessons from her guides. There were nights when the guides would take her to their tranquil spot and teach her what she needed to know for the moment as they did each time she advanced. Amanda remembers going to a place where there were a line of people hundreds of miles long and each person had a key. When Amanda got to the book with her key the book flew open and a golden light flowed from it. The old man said to her this is the book of knowledge and it is for you to always use. You and only you.

Amanda's MumA few weeks after Eric passed Amanda went to a spiritual church with a friend. Her friend encouraged her to stand up and tell her story. Amanda went on to the stage not knowing really what to expect but instead of telling her story she started to connect to a spirit. This was all new to Amanda De Warren but it felt so right to her. Amanda said who owns Ella. Ella tells me she was killed in a car accident on a busy freeway in a little white car and she was hit by a cement truck. There were 4 other cars involved and it was around Christmas time and then Amanda described the clock she had given her sister. A woman called Kathleen stood up and said Ella is my sister and that was the clock she had bought for me when she died. It was in her car wrapped up. From then on Amanda had people coming to her asking for channellings. She knew then she was a medium.

Amanda's GrandfatherNot long after Amanda De Warren decided to embark full time her mother became ill. Amanda had another sense of dread and 1 year later Amanda’s loving mother Jackie passed away from the same type of cancer in the same hospital. Amanda’s gift became more powerful as she knew her mother and her dearly loved grandad were both there to support her. By now it was 2003 and Amanda was starting to catch the eye of the media. An article was then featured across Queensland in the Sunday Mail and from then on Amanda was on her way.

Amanda De Warren loves her work and is highly successful.

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