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Our greatest fear is dying. Our greatest sorrow is losing loved ones. Through Amanda's miraculous gift, she can help to ease both the fear and the sorrow by bringing through those who have passed in a way that leaves us in no doubt a beautiful connection has been made. If we know we shall see our family and friends again, it both confirms there IS 'Life after Life' and that those who communicate through this medium, are definitely around us, [happily so] and offering love and guidance. Personally, I have had many readings with Amanda and the joy of receiving messages from my Father, Grandmothers, pets and general Guidance is beyond words. Not only are there these intense and incredible experiences within each reading, but also humour! During one of my telephone readings with Amanda in the early morning, I was eating porridge as Amanda talked. She suddenly stopped and said "I taste metal in my mouth, what are you doing?" I admitted to eating the porridge and she said "buy some new spoons"!! The spoon was indeed very old but afterwards, I thought that although trivial in content, it still demonstrated to me the power of Amanda's gift. Thank you Amanda for all the caring work you have offered to me and to so many others.

Suzan Wings of Light, Melbourne, VIC November 17, 2014

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I would like to say a BIG Thank You to Amanda & also her lovely team. I was lucky enough to be the winner of recent competition & won a free 1 x hour reading OMG !!!! I have just had my reading & I can't say it enough how GREAT Amanda is & what a wonderful & fantastic reading !!!!!

Everyone - pay whatever it costs - & more - to have a reading with the truly Beautiful Amanda - so good - so accurate - so amazing !!!

Words can never say enough ! Thanks again & Many Blessings xox

Sharon QLD (March 2014) November 17, 2014

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A few years ago I had been trying for years to fall pregnant and had just about given up hope…

I had a reading with Amanda and it was amazing.

Not only did she tell me I would be pregnant in the next 2 months (2 months later I was indeed pregnant!!!) she also enabled me to communicate with my beloved brother who had passed a couple of years prior.

She told me his name and I suppose, as another way of identifying him, she told me that he was pleased the family had given his yellow coloured 4WD to his best friend after he died….amazingly accurate, everything spot on!!!!!!

Of course I then knew it was him and had a magical few minutes of communication with him…my heart felt so much lighter…

Again I have been trying to fall pregnant…after a couple of years trying I contacted Amanda again for a reading…of course she had no idea who I was but quickly told me that my passed loved ones were letting me know that I would be pregnant very soon…I must stress I never gave Amanda any indication what I was needing answers to…I find it amazing that she is able to talk to the right people over there!!!

I know she has a marvellous gift because she also recently did a reading for my best friend who got answers to questions about her father that she has longed all her life to know but figured she had no hope of finding out and had put it out of her mind...she doesn’t know why she did a reading with Amanda, she just needed a bit of direction …now, my friend wasn’t wondering about a pregnancy or anything like that…yet Amanda zeroed in on the questions in my friend’s mind…and described her husband to a tee too!!!!

If you are reading this then you must be thinking of contacting Amanda…do not hesitate…the peace you will gain is priceless…

Michelle November 17, 2014

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Hi Amanda and Team,

In mid October 2008 I had a one hour "voice to voice" telephone reading with Amanda De Warren. Amanda, I just wanted to thank you personally for your extremely professional service and wish to encourage other people who have lost loved ones or may just be looking for some direction in their life to MAKE SURE THEY CALL ON AMANDA'S AMAZING GIFT.

Receiving special messages from my loved ones was the most wonderful experience, and Amanda's talents and abilities were confirmed when she shared information about a conversation held only two days before my reading. Amanda communicated with ease and left no doubt in my mind that she is a genuine psychic.

A friend called later that day to see how my reading went with Amanda, and to be honest, I was a little lost for words to describe it, other than it was probably the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. It felt so wonderful to communicate with my loved ones and left a warm, pleasant and relaxing feeling, knowing that my Nana and Grandad watch over my beautiful family.

The information that was shared was genuine, and very difficult for anyone to guess correctly. In the past I have gone to the odd psychic here and there, but never have I come across anyone so professional and so accurate.

Next time I am at a crossroad in my life I will take comfort in knowing that Amanda will be there to call on as I seek guidance from above!

Nicole Warwisk, QLD (2008) November 17, 2014

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Hi Amanda and Team,

In May 2012, I contacted Amanda about some experiences my six year old daughter was having, I asked Amanda to meet with my child to help us better understand and manage what was happening to her.

Recently my daughter had started to hear voices, she has always played with "imaginary people" and pointed to people I cannot see, but the voices and the visions had become a little overwhelming for her. The voices would not stop talking while she was at school, and she was becoming very angry and very emotional. One afternoon she was playing in her room when she stormed downstairs, folded her arms and said "Mum can you please take me to a "Psychic doctor", the first person I thought of was Amanda.

I was so grateful that Amanda took the time to understand my request and I really appreciate how caring and sincere Amanda was in the meeting. Amanda was able to confirm the same information my daughter had shared about a little girl and a little boy in spirit who talk to my daughter. As a parent, it was very re-assuring to have Amanda talk with me about my child's gifts and abilities. My daughter now refers to Amanda as "My Special Doctor", she appears to have the situation under control now and we both have a much better understanding of her experiences. When she is feeling a little overwhelmed, she will ask for Amanda, and we talk about what is happening and refer to that one meeting we had with Amanda. This valuable advice given to me as a parent of a child with a gift, has allowed me to guide my daughter and it is comforting to know that Amanda is there to support us if needed.

Thank you so much Amanda, you amaze me with your abilities and your beautiful sincere personality makes you a very genuine, approachable Psychic Medium. My advice to anyone seeking the services of a real medium is to book Amanda now, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Nicole Klemra (May 2012) November 17, 2014

Pet Communications

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Dear Amanda,

I will never forget the many readings that you have given me, a complete stranger living in another state; desperate to connect with their dearly departed pet. Your connections were uncanny, very true to living experiences and very comforting to my broken heart. When my soul mate Sam died, nothing gave me any resolve or helped me through his passing other than your readings about his life, the circumstances around with death, and how and when he connects with me in his after life. Knowing that he will always be surrounding me, not only makes his passing easier to cope with, but it gives me hope that true unconditional love is eternal. Below is the last photo of me with Sam, you can see that his fate was pretty evident, and I was distraught by this. Your first words to me from him was ‘thank you for easing my pain’, You relayed information distinctly about his illness, his life, the joys and his final journey home with me before and after his death. I doubt that anyone else could have done this for me. There are certain unique souls that we connect with in our time, and from both myself and my darling boy Sam, we sincerely thank you for giving us that final yet lasting connection that to this day, is fondly reflected on. From his passing and my readings with you, I can be assured that true love is eternal and that even in death, our relationships with our loved ones continues. I would like to thank you once again for my readings, and I wish you continued success as you connect those living with those who have left us.

Irene O'Keefe November 17, 2014

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Since April 2005, Amanda has helped our family to communicate with our Rottweiler family members Kelsie, Roxy, Regal, Xena & Kaos both before and after their passings. Thank you Amanda, we would have been lost without you, your communications have always been spot-on and confirmed by vets.

The Riddifords Sunshine Coast, QLD (November 2014) November 17, 2014

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My beautiful cat "Reno" had been missing for 6 days (she has never disappeared for that long) in February 2013. I was so distraught that I was getting desperate, so I thought of contacting a psychic. So I had a reading with Amanda & she told me that Reno was less than 500m away & that she saw water & some bush. We have a pool out the back with a few shrubs (which Reno would have to get to via a neighbours house, as we have 2 big fences). I had already tried out there a couple of days so I looked in a couple of parks by water with no luck. I tried out the back of our place again straight after the reading - she was still not there. Amanda said that Reno had agreed with Amanda to come back. The things that Amanda knew about Reno where too good to be by chance (I made a point of not letting on too much & Amanda said "Don't tell me anything except the Type of Animal & it's Name).

Some things that Amanda knew by communicating with Reno was

  1. Reno is 7
  2. She had to jump in & out of my Room through a window
  3. There where 4 Dogs that we lived with & that 1 in particular was causing Reno grief (I had only moved in there for a month)
  4. When I asked Amanda "Is Reno in front of the house or behind, she said "behind" & that was true.
  5. when I told Amanda to communicate to Reno that I was going to take her with me to move in to where my Mother is living (she only moved in there 1 month before), Amanda said "Reno tells me that is only 2-3km away" - she was right, it was 3km.
  6. During the reading, a grandfather of mine came through & told Amanda that "tell Jesse his new business is going to take & his money problem will be over", I nearly fell off my chair because I had just that week registered for a Drumming Business.

The same night of the reading, I went out the back by our pool & called for Reno & SHE WAS THERE!! meowing like crazy. I was so relieved as I had given up on calling for her out the back - if Amanda hadn't have told me Reno was behind me I wouldn't have bothered looking out the back again. Amanda told me that Reno had decided to leave as she couldn't take living where we were because of the dogs (even though the dogs couln't get at her because my bedroom door was always closed, although 1 of the dogs was constantly outside my bedrrom door sniffing under the door), that made me so sad that she was so upset that she decided to leave her carer of 7 years.

I thought I was an animal lover with great respect for animals, but this whole episode taught me that if I am to be a real lover of animals, to ALWAYS be aware of my pets emotions (as they can't tell you they are upset) & well being. I can't thank Amanda enough & she has given me the greatest present I have ever received. Thank you Amanda for your talent & your service to Animals, words can't describe how grateful I am for what you did for me.

Jesse Gold Coast, QLD November 17, 2014

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I consulted Amanda de Warren when my cat Sparkles had trouble standing and walking. Amanda received the animal communication that his kidneys were the major problem area at the time. She also felt that his throat and ears were also a source of discomfort for him.

Sparkles was given very small pieces of garlic as a natural wormer but upon a pet naturopath explaining that it would be ineffective I gave him a standard worming tablet available from vets/supermarkets. This seemed to have a sudden adverse affect on his kidneys. Sparkles was diagnosed 9 months ago with an overactive thyroid gland in his throat area and the medication for this condition is the application of Methimazole ear gel applied once daily to alternate ears. This medication causes inflammation and itchiness to the specific ear. He also had a left ear bacterial? infection over the last 9 months that causes him to dislike anyone touching the base of his left ear. He was constantly flicking it and was hardly ever comfortable when laying down on his side and resting his head.

Amanda suggested she would offer a course of Pranic Healing to be sent to Sparkles (distance healing) starting with the kidneys for a few days duration and then continuing the Pranic Healing for his throat and ear areas over the next week.

Due to my hours of work I was not able to watch Sparkles for his reactions to the Pranic Healing sessions whilst they were in progress.

However, I am pleased to say that Sparkles was back on his feet the day after his communication with Amanda and is back to his energetic age of 9 years (he is in fact 13 years old). As I gently stroke his head and my hand glides over his ears there is considerable improvement in the tolerance of touch in this area. The inside of the left ear remains relatively clean also. A compounding chemist has changed the base of the ear gel medication so the inflammation and itchiness has been reduced.

Sparkles and I are much happier with his overall state of health. We would like to thank Amanda and her Pranic Healing Teachers for adding another important tool into the kit of Animal Healing modalities.

I will enjoy future consultations with Amanda both for myself and my other two cats Chloe and Isis. All the very best for the future.

Crystal & Sparkles (February 2013) November 17, 2014

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Amanda, I was blown away by the reading today. I wanted to talk to animals past and present and while you did not know that, that was exactly what you gave me. Powerful and profound. I can't thank you enough!!

Jeannine VIC (January 2013) November 17, 2014

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