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This testimonial is for the brilliant, highly talented professional, and caring Amanda. Amanda is a very special person with a caring loving heart and a beautiful warm genuine smile! With Amanda the level of detail, names, dates and information she provides is mind blowing. Amazingly she knew exactly what I needed and delivered to the surpass all expectations. The session was extremely tearful and Amanda kindly had the box of tissues on hand, along with a warm friendly hug. I had a list of questions in my handbag which I never revealed during the reading, and at the end I was blown away to see that all had been answered and amazingly in the order I wrote them. Amanda brings that sense of calm and love to her readings. Her ability to talk to both animals past and present, and humans past and present (mother in law with dementia) is beyond comprehension. I am thankful that I got to hear from my beloved mum, dad and past pets. A few new people also showed up which was both surprising and welcome. Amanda is simply amazing and words cannot express my gratitude for her brilliant gift!

Rhonda (2012) November 17, 2014

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Amanda De Warren has been important part of my success for the last two or so years. I have relied on Amanda's guidance and gifts on many occasions and the level of accuracy of her readings has been phenomenal. I came to Amanda as I had been trying to get pregnant for a while without success. In the first reading Amanda gave me specific instructions as to what steps I needed to take to make it happen. I followed her instructions to the letter and within a month was pregnant after an 18 month agonising wait. Our beautiful daughter arrived in July 08 and Amanda told me things in advance about her appearance and personality which proved to be spot on. Amanda is simply a leader in her field. As well as readings I have called on Amanda for assistance for spatial clearing of negative energies in our home which were adversely impacting our family. I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough and have in fact referred her to many other friends, colleagues and family members who have been equally blown away by her readings. I look forward to experiencing the many benefits of Amanda's service for many years to come and would encourage you to book a reading if you have not already done so.

Belinda Melbourne, VIC November 17, 2014

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I experienced an hour "Face to Face" reading with Amanda on the 2nd of September 2011 at Cedar Creek, Tamborine Mountain QLD. Over the years, I have experienced many , many, readings and some were very good. I would only go to someone that had been highly recommonded to me. However, my reading with Amanda was "mindblowing" . So much so, that I booked my son a "face to face" reading for his birthday in August this year. We were open minded about it and I advised him that although I had a very good reading, he may not get the same. We were wrong, his reading, advise and counselling was also excellent. Amanda is a very clear channel and what I found that makes her "outstanding' , is that she 'channels" in everyday talk and is precise. There is no 'question" on what she is advising. You do not have to interpret what she is saying . Some readers seem to talk in riddles and you can take what they are saying in different ways. And more importantly, she "channels" what is happening in the "here and now" and what is relevant to what you need to be advised of now or near future. She will mention some past events etc. so you can confirm she is definitely in your vibration. Amanda is by far the best 'medium" I have ever encountered, she is very comfortable and very down to earth. I will not hesitate to have more readings , when I feel the need ,as apart from other information she gave me, I was able to definitely connect with a friend who had passed over and there was absolutely no doubt. My son also connected with his school mate who had died while on holiday overseas several years ago. Amazingly, Amanda was able to channel facts about the death which she could not have known.

Natalie QLD (September 2012) November 17, 2014

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Amanda has helped me a lot of times the last two years. She has helped me with my business, my relationships and especially my children. Her new Bodytalk is also just as amazing! I have been a yoyo dieter for 15 years and struggling with a slow metabolism the last couple of years. Amanda helped me change that by advising me what foods and vitamins my body needed and which ones to avoid. I am now on my way to weight loss and I couldn't be happier!

Thank you Amanda.

VT November 17, 2014

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Our greatest fear is dying. Our greatest sorrow is losing loved ones. Through Amanda's miraculous gift, she can help to ease both the fear and the sorrow by bringing through those who have passed in a way that leaves us in no doubt a beautiful connection has been made. If we know we shall see our family and friends again, it both confirms there IS 'Life after Life' and that those who communicate through this medium, are definitely around us, [happily so] and offering love and guidance. Personally, I have had many readings with Amanda and the joy of receiving messages from my Father, Grandmothers, pets and general Guidance is beyond words. Not only are there these intense and incredible experiences within each reading, but also humour! During one of my telephone readings with Amanda in the early morning, I was eating porridge as Amanda talked. She suddenly stopped and said "I taste metal in my mouth, what are you doing?" I admitted to eating the porridge and she said "buy some new spoons"!! The spoon was indeed very old but afterwards, I thought that although trivial in content, it still demonstrated to me the power of Amanda's gift. Thank you Amanda for all the caring work you have offered to me and to so many others.

Suzan Wings of Light, Melbourne, VIC November 17, 2014

Pet Communications

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Amanda, I was blown away by the reading today. I wanted to talk to animals past and present and while you did not know that, that was exactly what you gave me. Powerful and profound. I can't thank you enough!!

Jeannine VIC (January 2013) November 17, 2014

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TestimonialI have never written a testimonial before but I am more than happy to do so as Amanda saved the life of our much loved pet. Without your help our 1 year old would not have made it.

Amanda De Warren saved our dogs life. I was told to have her put down as she was sometimes aggressive and unpredictable especially at meal times. She would bite, bear her teeth and growl at us. With Amanda’s help and guidance she now knows her place and that she is not top dog in the house and is well on her way to being a fantastic little dog. We followed your instructions to the letter and even though you were on the other side of Australia you were still able to help over the phone. Thank you so much Amanda you saved her life. Without you she wouldn't be here.

Rosemary Bexley, NSW November 17, 2014

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PepperHi my name is Pepper.

Amanda has been doing readings for me for a few years now and I am one of Amanda's favourite clients!

Mum and Dad arrange to have regular readings done with Amanda for me as it helps them to understand some of my behavioural issues (I am a Labrador after all) and also, to assist with making life happier and more enjoyable for me.

Mum and Dad couldn't believe how accurate Amanda was with her readings.

Here are some of the problems that Amanda has helped them solve with regards to me:

  • Why I would cough at the end of every winter - Amanda was able to tell them it was a native tree that blossomed in spring that I was allergic to. Mum and Dad made sure they kept me away from it which solved the problem
  • Why I would make such a racket in the back of the new car – it vibrated too much and could be solved with some padding and some toys to distract me
  • Why I went through a stage of doing my whoopsies inside the back door all the time, don't know why I suddenly thought that this was OK but Amanda clearly informed me it wasn't so I had to change my ways
  • What I needed in the way of exercise to keep me healthy and strong
  • Amanda also spoke to me after a nasty burglar broke in and scared me. She reassured me that it was going to be OK

I love having chats with Amanda and, as she will tell you, I wish I could chat to her all the time. I'm so grateful for the readings I have with Amanda though. The thing that I'm happiest about (apart from having a great friend in Amanda) is that I'm able to tell Mum and Dad just how much I love them.

Pepper November 17, 2014

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I consulted Amanda de Warren when my cat Sparkles had trouble standing and walking. Amanda received the animal communication that his kidneys were the major problem area at the time. She also felt that his throat and ears were also a source of discomfort for him.

Sparkles was given very small pieces of garlic as a natural wormer but upon a pet naturopath explaining that it would be ineffective I gave him a standard worming tablet available from vets/supermarkets. This seemed to have a sudden adverse affect on his kidneys. Sparkles was diagnosed 9 months ago with an overactive thyroid gland in his throat area and the medication for this condition is the application of Methimazole ear gel applied once daily to alternate ears. This medication causes inflammation and itchiness to the specific ear. He also had a left ear bacterial? infection over the last 9 months that causes him to dislike anyone touching the base of his left ear. He was constantly flicking it and was hardly ever comfortable when laying down on his side and resting his head.

Amanda suggested she would offer a course of Pranic Healing to be sent to Sparkles (distance healing) starting with the kidneys for a few days duration and then continuing the Pranic Healing for his throat and ear areas over the next week.

Due to my hours of work I was not able to watch Sparkles for his reactions to the Pranic Healing sessions whilst they were in progress.

However, I am pleased to say that Sparkles was back on his feet the day after his communication with Amanda and is back to his energetic age of 9 years (he is in fact 13 years old). As I gently stroke his head and my hand glides over his ears there is considerable improvement in the tolerance of touch in this area. The inside of the left ear remains relatively clean also. A compounding chemist has changed the base of the ear gel medication so the inflammation and itchiness has been reduced.

Sparkles and I are much happier with his overall state of health. We would like to thank Amanda and her Pranic Healing Teachers for adding another important tool into the kit of Animal Healing modalities.

I will enjoy future consultations with Amanda both for myself and my other two cats Chloe and Isis. All the very best for the future.

Crystal & Sparkles (February 2013) November 17, 2014

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Since April 2005, Amanda has helped our family to communicate with our Rottweiler family members Kelsie, Roxy, Regal, Xena & Kaos both before and after their passings. Thank you Amanda, we would have been lost without you, your communications have always been spot-on and confirmed by vets.

The Riddifords Sunshine Coast, QLD (November 2014) November 17, 2014

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