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I have seen Amanda on several different occasions now, and still each time I see her I am amazed and what information she provides me with.

Seeing Amanda has provided me with the comfort of knowing that love ones who have passed over are safe and well and still with me on my journey through this life.

Having made contact with family and friends has given me the strength and instilled hope to pursue opportunities I may have never taken up if it was not for the support and encouragement from the connection made through Amanda.

She has also connected to my beloved animals. It was such a wonderful experience to know what was going on for them.

It is such an invigorating experience, that no amount of words can express the positive encounter you have with Amanda.

Theresa November 17, 2014

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Hi Amanda,

Thank you - your reading has given me peace of mind. You are a clear channel - what a wonderful gift! My dad always wore a hat - my favourite picture is of him in his cowboy hat as he lived most of his life in the country and was very connected to the land. Bart loved other dogs and was very sociable. I think Bindi always wanted me to herself but I feel she misses Bart (even if he was annoying) and it is taking her time to adjust. Again, thank you. I look forward to more readings in the future and I will definitely let my friends know about you - especially the email readings as sometimes people are busy and just need answers to a few questions.

Kerri (March 2013) November 17, 2014

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Hi Amanda,
I just wanted you to know that since you did my house clearing I have had no more problems. When I checked back the history of the house it was indeed as you said used as a general store and the ladies name was Katherine just like you said. Just after you sent Katherine on her way I felt a great sense of peace for her instead of the usual scared half to death. It was so amazing that you not only removed her but connected to her and that helped us to understand why she was still in our home and causing such destruction after such a tragic passing. I cannot thank you enough for the peace you have restored to my home, I also needed to let you know that you were correct about the family tree when my nana came through. What you said made sense and we are now on our way again with our family tree and thank you to nana as she cleared up the confusion.

Gayle Esk, QLD November 17, 2014

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Hi Everyone, my name is Linda and I live in the US and I would like to share a few situations that have happened to our family and the incredible Amanda De Warren. You see, I grew up in a very very close knit family and we shared a lot of love in my family..well all of that came crashing in on us very abruptly in May 2004. My Dad, who I was very close too, took ill and within 5 or 6 days passed away. It completely blind sided everyone in the family and all the physicians involved as no one expected his passing. To say our family was shattered was an understatement. A dear friend I had met over the years via a support group I belonged to had Amanda call us and do a channelling for us as his gift of sympathy to me. For those of you reading this who are sceptic trust me we had our share of sceptics in our family as well. From the moment I head her voice on the phone that day there was a sense of peace in my heart, we were all sitting around my kitchen table talking via the phone to a lady half way around the world and she was telling us how much my Dad missed all of us and how he had not planned to leave that early nor was he ready but that he wanted us to know he was happy and he was ok and in no pain. Of course that could be said of anyone who looses someone quickly so I did not get too excited. Then came the big one as we refer to it as…she (Amanda) told me I did not have to worry about the cut on my Mom's leg that it would heal nicely even if it looked real nasty now...She went into great detail to describe how the cut looked where it was located and how my Mom did it and the exact day she did it. I sat there thinking this lady is nuts as my Mom had not mentioned anything to any of us about cutting her leg and I just knew she would as she is a diabetic. When all of a sudden I look over and my Mom is in tears and she stands up pulls up her pant leg only to reveal a cut EXACTLY as how Amanda described it…I quickly asked Amanda HOW in the world could she have known that when in fact none of us knew about it. She simply chuckled and said because your Dad is telling me all this and he knew no one knew about it and wanted you to know that he truly is talking to me and he was there the night she did it. Needless to say ladies and gentlemen we were ALL in tears and from that moment on we were true believers in Amanda and her ability to connect to the other side. We have done other channellings in the five years since and there have been things she has described in my Mom's house or my house that there is no way she could possibly know, as I said we are half way around the world from one another have never met face to face but yet she can tell us things that no one other than the family could possibly know, For this family she has given us a chance to heal, to realize that yes my Dad is gone in body but he is certainly still with us here in our day to day lives and for me that brings me such peace. I can only hope that Amanda can touch your family the way she has touched this one and given us so much comfort. All I can say is believe believe believe she is the real deal.

Linda USA November 17, 2014

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I experienced an hour "Face to Face" reading with Amanda on the 2nd of September 2011 at Cedar Creek, Tamborine Mountain QLD. Over the years, I have experienced many , many, readings and some were very good. I would only go to someone that had been highly recommonded to me. However, my reading with Amanda was "mindblowing" . So much so, that I booked my son a "face to face" reading for his birthday in August this year. We were open minded about it and I advised him that although I had a very good reading, he may not get the same. We were wrong, his reading, advise and counselling was also excellent. Amanda is a very clear channel and what I found that makes her "outstanding' , is that she 'channels" in everyday talk and is precise. There is no 'question" on what she is advising. You do not have to interpret what she is saying . Some readers seem to talk in riddles and you can take what they are saying in different ways. And more importantly, she "channels" what is happening in the "here and now" and what is relevant to what you need to be advised of now or near future. She will mention some past events etc. so you can confirm she is definitely in your vibration. Amanda is by far the best 'medium" I have ever encountered, she is very comfortable and very down to earth. I will not hesitate to have more readings , when I feel the need ,as apart from other information she gave me, I was able to definitely connect with a friend who had passed over and there was absolutely no doubt. My son also connected with his school mate who had died while on holiday overseas several years ago. Amazingly, Amanda was able to channel facts about the death which she could not have known.

Natalie QLD (September 2012) November 17, 2014

Pet Communications

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I consulted Amanda de Warren when my cat Sparkles had trouble standing and walking. Amanda received the animal communication that his kidneys were the major problem area at the time. She also felt that his throat and ears were also a source of discomfort for him.

Sparkles was given very small pieces of garlic as a natural wormer but upon a pet naturopath explaining that it would be ineffective I gave him a standard worming tablet available from vets/supermarkets. This seemed to have a sudden adverse affect on his kidneys. Sparkles was diagnosed 9 months ago with an overactive thyroid gland in his throat area and the medication for this condition is the application of Methimazole ear gel applied once daily to alternate ears. This medication causes inflammation and itchiness to the specific ear. He also had a left ear bacterial? infection over the last 9 months that causes him to dislike anyone touching the base of his left ear. He was constantly flicking it and was hardly ever comfortable when laying down on his side and resting his head.

Amanda suggested she would offer a course of Pranic Healing to be sent to Sparkles (distance healing) starting with the kidneys for a few days duration and then continuing the Pranic Healing for his throat and ear areas over the next week.

Due to my hours of work I was not able to watch Sparkles for his reactions to the Pranic Healing sessions whilst they were in progress.

However, I am pleased to say that Sparkles was back on his feet the day after his communication with Amanda and is back to his energetic age of 9 years (he is in fact 13 years old). As I gently stroke his head and my hand glides over his ears there is considerable improvement in the tolerance of touch in this area. The inside of the left ear remains relatively clean also. A compounding chemist has changed the base of the ear gel medication so the inflammation and itchiness has been reduced.

Sparkles and I are much happier with his overall state of health. We would like to thank Amanda and her Pranic Healing Teachers for adding another important tool into the kit of Animal Healing modalities.

I will enjoy future consultations with Amanda both for myself and my other two cats Chloe and Isis. All the very best for the future.

Crystal & Sparkles (February 2013) November 17, 2014

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Dear Amanda,

12 months ago, 1 December 2012, your reading lead to the recovery of our beautiful cat Ponyo. Who had been suddenly frighted & disappeared into an area unknown to him. You also gave me comfort regarding my dead father who, you said, was seeing over Ponyo during his two-week disappearance. Today my son Simon & I have been remembering, replaying the reading disc you sent & giving Ponyo treats. Ponyo is well, still a nervous cat, still very dependent on Simon & I only for affection & dis-trustful of everyone else. But he's happy & settled & gives lots of affection. Thank you again for your very clever work which lead to his recovery. I'm still amazed, puzzled & find the whole experience awesome.

M Lewis (December 2013) November 17, 2014

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I contacted Amanda because my neighbour’s cat, Sock, was terrorising the neighbourhood, attacking dogs as well as cats bigger and smaller than himself. He was attacking my two female cats who although are older than him, are much smaller in size. He was bringing home mauled creatures, such as frogs, birds, lizards etc, not killing them outright and his owner had to dispose of them. His owner has terminal cancer and she’s not very strong after her treatments. So Socks would get away with a lot of bad behaviour. The reason I made contact with Amanda was because she had helped both myself with another companion (cat of 22 yrs) and my daughter with her dog (12 yrs). In both cases she helped us tremendously. After informing her we had a problem with Socks, she was able to contact Socks and give him a good talking to, at the same time she said she reassured him that if he changed his bad behaviour he could find a new home when his owner passed away. The reason he was misbehaving was his survival instincts had kicked in due to past rejections and now his owner could possibly be in a position to return him due to her own health problems. Like a rejected child he was acting out his insecurity. The following day a change occurred - Socks began to stop wondering and bringing home mauled creatures. When I went to visit, he did not stand on defence and try and show ownership of his owner (as he did in the past) He actually approached me, climbed on my lap, touched my face and after a few minutes returned outside without any yowling or noise from him. We have had no incidences with him attacking my cats since Amanda made contact with Socks. Recently he has had to visit the Cattery for a week due to his owner been hospitalised, Amanda assures us that he does not mind the cattery and upon checking with the owner of cattery, reports are that Socks seems settled and behaving. Amanda is still making contact with Socks to help him understand the situation. We are indebted to Amanda for the wonderful changes we see and hope they continue and Socks can have a lovely life when he finally has to be re-housed.

Thanks Amanda

S Macbeth Warwick, QLD November 17, 2014

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Our cat Buddy was missing for 3 weeks, he had gone walk about before back to our old house (which isn't that far from where we now live) and we have always found him after a couple of days. This time we couldn't find him anywhere. We had searched our whole neighbourhood day and night for 3 weeks, put posters up, letter box dropped everywhere and still no sight or sound of him. We googled pet psychic just to see if they existed and Amanda's name came up. We thought we have nothing to lose so lets see if Amanda can help. I called Amanda Saturday morning and all Amanda needed was our cats name. Amanda said he was alive, and was saying he was in the bushes behind our house. I told Amanda we had bushes behind our old house he loved. Amanda also mentioned that we had another cat and also that we had changed circumstances recently (we had moved house) and a few other things about our cat which were spot on. About an hour later she called and left a message saying he was around the school area near us, then we got an email a bit after that saying he had now gone back to our old house in the bushes. I told my fiancé that Amanda said Buddy is back at the bushes, he was reluctant to go search again as we had searched there for 3 weeks with no sight. Anyway I said we have to go he is there, so we got to the house and my fiancé peered over the fence and he was there in the bushes!!!! We just goose bumps and said you have got to be kidding! It was so surreal seeing him there and that it was only about 2 hours after we spoke to Amanda that we found our boy 🙂

For Amanda to not know what our cat looks like, to be living in another state to us, and to not know what we look like, it was amazing how she found him when we had been searching that same spot for 3 weeks with no sight of him. We highly recommend Amanda to anyone!

Lalita VIC November 17, 2014

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NuggetIn late August 2008 I contacted Amanda via a phone conversation in regards to my beloved performance horse, Nugget. I had taken him to a competition the previous weekend and had felt certain that he was behaving abnormally. My horse had never given me a reluctant feeling when jumping before, and with a major event approaching the next week I felt I needed some answers, that only Amanda could help me with.

Upon calling Amanda I was told by her that Nugget was having some difficulty seeing from his right eye, and perhaps it would be wise to have this problem checked by a professional. However, Amanda also assured me that Nugget felt comfortable going to this approaching event, and would try his best for me. She said to me that if Nuggets eye was causing him grief he would alert me by being reluctant to leave his stable (This is unusual behaviour for him, he is normally excited by the prospect of leaving it).

I proceeded to go to the event, and found that Nugget on the final show jumping day was almost impossible to get out from his stable. When I jumped him that day he felt to me as though he was not reading the fences with the same accuracy that he had always done before. Nugget regularly jumped clear rounds, in fact I couldn't tell you the last time he had a rail before that event. However on this day he had five rails and felt very hesitant in jumping the round!

When I was driving home from the event mum and I decided that we must act on Amanda’s advice to seek a professional exam on Nuggets eyes. So we arranged to meet with Werribee Equine Veterinary Hospitals eye specialist two days later. Two specialists arrived for the examination and both discovered “significant scaring in the lower region of his right retina”. In their professional opinion they both agreed that this was causing a blind spot in his right eye, just as Amanda had described. After quizzing them on the condition it was decided that the heights I was requiring him to jump were too dangerous with his condition and so I retired him from FEI level eventing. Both specialists agreed that jumps below eye level would be suitable for him, as this region of his eye was unaffected.

Amanda De Warren later contacted Nugget to seek his opinion on his future and we concluded that he was happy with the decision to no longer compete at such a high level and would be comfortable just doing the little jumps from now on.

I personally believe I owe Amanda a great deal for her assistance in this particular case, and others, as my animals mean the world to me. And without her advice to seek professional examinations on Nuggets sight who knows what the outcome could have been, as eventing is dangerous enough when everything is in your favour let alone when something of this nature is involved. I know Amanda is a trusted part of my communication with my horses and I would highly recommend her to anybody who is open and interested!!!!

Georgia Connolly Melbourne, VIC November 17, 2014

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