Amanda De Warren – My Journey Behind Blue Eyes

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Amanda De Warren - My Journey Behind Blue Eyes

Hi everyone,

I am so excited to share with you every detail of my incredible and amazing journey to become the medium and animal communicator that I am today.

This book starts as a biography which includes how I had a “knowing” of passings about to happen and of my gift. I describe to you the incredibly fascinating teachings from my Guides and Ascended Masters from the “Universal University” which is not of this realm, and from the many departments which each have their specific agenda for me to learn.

These journeys are of intense learning and are still current to this day. I share with you my continual connections and lessons from 14 very famous people.

Read about the advice and guidance each of these celebrities gave me, many connections continuing to this day:

*Steve Irwin *Kerry Packer *John Lennon *Linda McCartney *Michael Jackson *Freddie Mercury *Heath Ledger *Bon Scott *Michael Hutchence *Shirley Strachan *John Denver *Brian Connolly *Jade Goody

You can also read about the connection I had with Princess Diana which was validated.

I also write about many astonishing readings which include the MH17 plane disaster, 9/11 events, and the 2009 Black Saturday fires. I share some amazing readings with murder victims, missing people and the uncommunicative, including coma patients, people with dementia and the disabled. Read about the strange occurrences including apparitions of pets and people.

I truly believe there is no other book like mine and would describe my book as unique, informative and at times funny, with 25 photos from my life. I know you will all enjoy reading about “My Journey Behind Blue Eyes”.


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