Book & Healing Crystal

$29.00 + Postage & Handling

  • Amanda De Warren - My Journey Behind Blue Eyes

    *Who is the book for?

    *Full name of this person

    *Relationship to you?

    Healing Crystal

    *Who is the healing crystal for?

    *Full name of this person / pet?

    *Relationship to you?

    *Healing energies

    What healing energies would you like Amanda to infuse into the crystal?

Product Description

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Terms & Conditions

Please inform us upon booking who you would like the book made out to (you or a friend) as Amanda will personally sign the book.

With the Healing Crystal, Amanda infuses the crystal with her specific healing energy which is uniquely tailored to help you, a family member, friend or your pet’s physical &/or emotional aliments.

Upon purchasing please inform us who the Healing Crystal is for and what the Healing Crystal is for. Amanda will choose the crystal and it is only 1 crystal in an organza bag.

Postage & Handling is $6.00 per package within Australia or $20.00 per package for outside Australia.

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